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How to determine if a website is legitimate

As the network becomes more developed, online shopping is becoming more and more popular. Inevitably we will encounter some illegal websites.

The main manifestations are:

  1. Steal your identity information including all your SNS. They can take all of your SNS to do some promotion to your friends, or even defraud your friends through your SNS;
  2. Steal your credit card informationRemind:Pay small price on website with no need credit cards passwords,you must change quick.Some websites steal all the information of your credit card, you need to know that some websites do not need a password to pay by credit card. In addition to the card number and the validity period of the card, only the three-digit security code on the back of the card is required. As long as you pay directly on your website using a credit card (but not PayPal), it is too easy for them to get this;
  3. Some is that you pay successed ,but they are not shipped,or you order Product A ,and they ship B (junk Products).

Wait a lot, everyone can add.

So if you want to buy something on this site, how to judge the legality of this site do?

There are several methods typically can refer to:

  1. See if the URL is the same as the brand displayed on the website. For example, the website address is: But the logo of the website is Rayban or oakley. This kind of website must be careful.
  2. Discount terrible product, big brand products will usually be imitated.You see that the discounts are all less than 50% , you have to be very careful about this situation. You can go directly to the official to buy. Exclude those who would have liked to buy imitations.
  3. Big brands, expensive products, usually imitated. This kind of imitation of the website is super more. If you see these unofficial websites online, it is recommended to leave directly.
  4. Carefully check the website for “about us”, “Privacy Policy”, “Terms & Condition” and “Contact Info”. We can usually see the content of the website brand above, especially “about us”and” contact info”.
  5. If a website can only be paid by credit card, it is recommended that you do not order on this website. As mentioned above, all information is recorded when you use credit card information on any website. A legitimate website certainly doesn't matter. If it is not legal, they can take your information and go to other places to pay it twice or even more times until the money is used up. In fact, legitimate websites, some will sell this information later. All suggestions for payment on the website are through a guaranteed payment platform, such as paypal. If a website has a paypal, this website is largely secure, and you have to know that paypal can be paid by credit card, which is not directly used on the website.
  6. Check if this website has a complete SNS CON. Try to click. This will see their situation on the SNS side. An illegal website, sometimes they will not improve this, after all, they are going to quickly swindle money.
  7. If you have live chat, you can try to chat first, of course, because of the time difference, sometimes you may not get a timely response. You can also call, or whatsapp to confirm.
  8. Some people think that this is true if they only see a lot of reviews on the products on this website. There are a lot of software that can move comments from other platforms to the website. So don't trust the evaluation of the website easily.
  9. In the above situation, if you are not at ease, however, you really like the products on this website. I suggest you buy a cheap product first. After receiving the goods, you will consider whether you want to buy other products.

Some people will say that it is very troublesome. I buy products on the big platform, similar to Amazon, Speed Maitong and so on. I have nothing to say about this, but do you think that the cheap things bought on the big platform are the best? Also, due to the limitations of the platform, some products are not well displayed on the platform. Such as women's sexy underwear, sex products and so on. Another point is that some large-scale shop vendors will also sell customer personal data.

I like to go to some small platforms to buy. Because the service is good, the product is good.